• Scrapes away plaque

• Controls tartar buildup

• Helps to maintain healthy gums & fresh breath

 No harmful chemicals

• Keeps Gums Healthy

• Great Reward

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Rawhide from free range South American cattle

Bravo Rawhide Knot Chew. Peanut Butter Flavour. Price from

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    Our rawhide chews are produced from the tough, inner layer hide of bovine cattle. The first step is a complete removal of any hair, excess salts or oils. They are rinsed in large vats, with plenty of water, and without any use of harmful or toxic chemicals. Hides are then cut and forwarded to the assembly lines where they are skillfully handcrafted into many different shapes and sizes.

    The factory is equipped with industrial ovens that run on clean, natural gas to guarantee a complete and thorough drying process. Unlike other companies, we do not dry our hides under the sun or use diesel fuel, wood or other methods that