Premium cat food in a rich, tasty broth

  • Natural, clean feeding with only 4 ingredients
  • Rich in protein, low in calories
  • Hydrating supplementary wet food
  • No grains, additives, preservatives or by-products
  • Hydrating supplementary wet food

    Our recipes are the ideal hydrating supplement to your cat’s dry food diet. The savoury liquid helps support their urinary health.

  • Rich in protein

    With real chicken or tuna as their primary ingredient, Divine Shreds pack plenty of nutritious protein and are sure to please any little carnivore’s tastes!

  • Low in calories

    As our recipes are based on lean chicken and low-fat tuna, they make for delicious and easy low-cal treats to spoil your cat with!

Catit Divine Shreds – Tuna with Shirasu & Sweet Potato in Tasty Broth 75g

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